Derivative actually

One day someone asked me what means the derivative in math. Although there are very good explanation (especially on Wikipedia), I thought it might be interesting to do the exercise to explain it by myself. (Sometimes I see myself as those people who needs to figure out the reality behind every concept).   Premises As math aren’t … Continued

Zooming case

Context: Given a region of an audio sample, and a zoom factor, display the right portion of that selected area in a fixed window. Premises: Computation will be made within the following coordinate system: For the current purpose, each height will be fixed and y will stay at 0 Therefore, each area could be defined as … Continued

Quanta’s puzzle: Information From Randomness

Regarding that Quanta’s puzzle,I wanted to make a small javascript that implements the solution. The enigma was: I write down two different numbers that are completely unknown to you, and hold one in my left hand and one in my right. You have absolutely no idea how I generated these two numbers. Which is larger? You … Continued

Authentication and Authorization

I had to develop a security strategy. Here are some drafts/ideas. The project’s architecture consists of a client application and a REST API server.